Force Sensors

With our miniature force sensors, measuring ranges up to at least 2000N can be realized. For larger forces, the deformation of suitable measuring bodies is monitored with our displacement transducers and the force is derived therefrom. With complex substrate bodies, force sensors with up to 6 degrees of freedom can be realized. Our force sensors can also be equipped as standard with integrated, programmable instrumentation amplifier.

Force Sensors From Our Standard Range

Our standard sensors are suitable for many common applications and lend themselves particularly well for applications with small quantities. We are happy to assist you in the selection and integration of a suitable sensor. The sensors are available in several variants and some of them can be additionally adapted to customer requirements, e.g. with milled grooves or by adjusting the amplifier gain.

OEM Force Sensors

Are you looking for a sensor for larger loads or with particularly compact dimensions? Or are you developing a series product and in need of an adapted measuring body? We would be pleased to find a matching solution for you. We will develop a suitable sensor according to your specifications regarding installation situation, environmental influences, error tolerances, etc:

  • Definition of geometry and material of the sensor
  • Layout of the thin-film elements
  • Adaptation to mechanical and electrical interfaces
  • Signal processing