Torque Sensors

The torque measuring principles shear force, cage and measuring flange can be realized with thin film strain gauges. Depending on the application, measuring elements from our standard range can be used or customer-specific elements can be developed. These elements are joined together with laser welding to create a torque sensor.

Torque Sensors

These sensors are in the qualification phase. Possible installation situations are shown in the data sheets. Certain properties such as the mechanical interface (diameter of the round plates, hole positions etc.) can be adapted to customer requirements with little effort.

OEM Torque Sensors

Are you looking for a sensor for larger loads or with particularly compact dimensions? Or are you developing a series product and in need of an adapted measuring body? We would be pleased to find a matching solution for you. We will develop a suitable sensor according to your specifications regarding installation situation, environmental influences, error tolerances, etc:

  • Definition of geometry and material of the sensor
  • Layout of the thin-film elements
  • Adaptation to mechanical and electrical interfaces
  • Signal processing