Laser Services

With our modern Laser machines we are able to offer a wide range of services. We can produce small series and prototypes, but we also do contract manufacturing in series. Our offer includes process development and the conduction of feasibility studies for particularly demanding parts.

Laser Cutting

Laser Fusion Cutting is a non-contact thermal cutting process that can be used on a variety of materials. The spectrum ranges from stainless steels over non-ferrous and precious metals up to ceramic materials. Very fine and complex structures can be implemented. We keep a stock of the spring steels 1.4310 and 17-4 PH in different sheet thicknesses; other materials can be procured by us or delivered by the customer.

Cutting Width 50 μm
Maximum Dimensions700 × 400 mm
Maximum Sheet ThicknessDepending on the material, up to approx. 7 mm
Shape ToleranceDepending on the material, up to ± 5 μm
FinishingVibratory grinding, brush polishing, ultrasonic cleaning and metal coatings (eg. gold) are possible

Laser Drilling

The Laser drilling process is divided into single-pulse and percussion drilling, trepaning and helical drilling. In single-pulse drilling, the material is drilled through with a Laser pulse. This method allows to drill many holes in a short time, so that eg. filters can be produced. In contrast, percussion drilling uses multiple Laser pulses per hole. The precision is thereby increased at the expense of longer processing time.

Minimum Hole Diameter50 μm
Maximum Dimensions700 × 400 mm

Laser Welding

The pulsed Laser radiation allows for very small welds with low heat input. Thereby thermal distortion is very unlikely compared to other welding methods. Various materials such as steels with a carbon content below 0.2%, titanium, tantalum and nickel are suitable for Laser welding. With the help of the thermal and metallurgical pulse shaping of our Laser source, even materials like copper, aluminum and platinum can be welded. Non-related material combinations are equally possible.

Laser Ablation and Laser Structuring

Our picolaser enables the precise removal of material layers. On the one hand, this allows the engraving of logos and graphics . On the other hand very small parts can be manufactured, eg. for the watch industry. The high-precision dosing of the Laser power also allows the structuring of surfaces, which offers an added value in a wide range of applications: In the case of jewelery, esthetic effects are achieved as a result; in the case of dental implants, rough surfaces allow better bonding to the jawbone, and in the automotive industry, the power transfer transfer of contact surfaces is improved. In addition to various metals, we can also process glass, ceramics or plastics with the picolaser.

Laser Trimming

Our picolaser is well suited to automatic trimming of thin film structures like sensors or precision resistors. It is equipped with a contacting unit that can be adapted to the respective application. Thanks to the integrated vision system, the contacting unit can be automatically aligned to pads on each sensor. Resistors can be measured while being trimmed simultaneously with laser cuts. The power is controlled so that the insulating layer under the thin-film structure remains intact.

In the same step, an individual label (such as a serial number) can be applied using Laser ablation.