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Senstech, founded in 1984, is a leading manufacturer and development partner for innovative force, pressure, strain and displacement sensors.

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The sensors developed and produced by Senstech use thin-film strain gauges (DS-DMS) as measuring elements.

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The innovative, thin-film-based sensors from Senstech are used for a wide variety of measurement parameters in many industries.

Custom sensor manufacturing in the heart of Switzerland

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Northeastern Switzerland, there is a region that continues to churn out hidden champions in many categories. Many of them manufacture unimposing yet vital components that are necessary to push technology products to the very top of the world market. One of them, Senstech AG, is internationally known for its custom sensors that enable world-class brands to give their line of items a reliable boost in terms of product safety and quality and make them stand out from the competition.

A unique winner product with a custom sensor inside

Force sensors are among the elements that keep a machine running in continuous operation. With their help, overcharging of the machine or parts of it is avoided, blazing the path towards reliable long-term service. But while there are various force sensors and torque sensors available on the market, the unique design and setup of your machine call for a tailor-made solution that ensures the correct determination of such forces. That is why the best products in any given category will always rely not on cookie-cutter solutions, but on custom sensors built specifically for them.

Custom sensors are an important means toward product safety

Even the best engineers, the most exact construction software and the most diligent research can not entirely foresee the interactions and reciprocal effects taking place inside a machine once it is running continuously at full force. This is what sensors do, they complete the last mile of control operators have over their machinery. By fulfilling this important task, they are a safeguard for the safety of the machine and the people operating it. And as each piece of technology works differently from the next, a custom sensor is the most trustworthy option to go with in this regard.

How custom sensors can expand your customer base

What is your best sales argument, your USP? Most sellers of branded machinery or other goods are intent on being known as a high-quality manufacturer. While this is the common goal, there are several conceivable ways to achieve it. One method, likely the most common one, is working exclusively with best graded components that can easily and seamlessly work with one another. To make sure that none of these components puts too much strain on other parts, custom sensors area the easiest way to achieve customer satisfaction and convince more buyers from your quality.

Custom sensors from the people that know sensors by heart

Senstech AG, the Swiss-based manufacturer of sensors, is there to assist you from the first steps of product development all the way to serial production. As experts having been in the market for more than three decades, Senstech has both the technological means and the vast knowledge and experience to build custom sensors that perfectly fit the needs and requirements of your product. Senstech serves numerous industries and has a proven track record of successful product launches.

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