Building Renovation: Increased Energy Efficiency and Additional Space

Through comprehensive remodeling, Senstech AG was able to reduce its energy requirements and create extra office space for the next growth step. From now on, the company will be able to cover more than half of its electricity needs with its own solar power.

The roof of our company building had to be renovated. Due to changes in local building regulations, we were able to add new office space to the top floor of the building in the course of this renovation. Work was carried out in accordance with the Minergie standard for energy-efficient construction.

Linked Heating and Cooling Systems

In parallel with this expansion, we replaced all the heating, cooling and ventilation systems in the building. The cooling circuit of the production facilities was made more flexible and equipped with additional control and monitoring systems. The oil tank with a volume of 20,000 liters is now used as a central cold water reservoir. A second tank with 3000 liters stores hot water. Heating and cooling is now provided exclusively by heat pumps. Fossil fuels are no longer used.

During the cold season, the excess heat from the production facilities can be used to heat the premises. This minimizes the necessary heat exchange with the ambient air and thus the energy consumption of the building. The system is ready to accommodate a possible expansion of the production machinery.

The existing apartment on the 2nd floor of the building was also completely renovated. It is to be rented out again in the future, but also serves as a long-term reserve of space for the company.

Potent Solar System With Intelligent Control

A photovoltaic system was installed on the roof and on the terrace railing. With an expected annual yield of 60 MWh, it will cover more than half of the electricity needs of our production.

Thanks to intelligent control and generous storage capacities for hot and cold water, the power consumption of the building services can be flexibly distributed throughout the day. This allows for the system to be optimized so that a large part of the solar power is used internally.

These conversions make Senstech AG more climate-friendly and open up additional space reserves for future growth. The investment volume for the overall project amounted to approx. 2 million Swiss francs.